Buds Household Eco

Household Eco Products

Powered by nature! Certified Natural cleaning products with absolutely zero harmful chemicals.

At Buds, we want to make the world a safer place for babes of all ages. Our Buds Household Eco collection has ZERO harmful chemicals, and cleans gently and effectively. It is certified by one of the strictest and most recognised certification bodies in the world, ECOCERT, and we only use surfactants that are of plant origin as well as no artificial fragrances or colourants, giving you a safe, effective and environmentally friendly collection of cleaning products for babes.

As your little babe starts to grow up and explore the world, you will have peace of mind, knowing that you are minimising your babe's contact with harmful residues chemicals and fumes of conventional cleaning products, which may hamper their growth and affect their health.


Absolutely No Nasties for Babes!

Do you know that most cleaners claim to be safe, but leave behind harmful residue after washing, especially in clothes, undetected by the naked eye? These (chemical) residue get into your babes in many ways, such as when they're chewing their favourite blankies, sucking on the baby bottles, dummies or licking off surfaces of toys, cots, even floors (yep, favourite past times when crawling with no adult looking).

That's why we only use safe, mild, plant-derived ingredients - Plant Protein, cold-pressed essentials oils, sugar, natural fruit extract, organic tea tree oil, organic aloe vera leaf juice are among them - to formulate gentle yet so effective cleaning products that get rid of germs, dirt and chemicals from your babe's feeding utensils, toys, dummies and more!