Organic Baby Balm

Buds Organic Baby Balm

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘soft as a baby’s bum’ but keeping your baby’s bum as soft as the day it was born can sometimes be a challenge. 

That’s why Buds Organics have created an organic baby bum balm that’s packed full of goodness and plant power, to keep your baby’s bum in tip-top condition.  Read more…

Keep your baby’s bum kissable and soft with Buds Organics Baby Bum Balm

Rich and protective, we’ve formulated our newborn baby bum balms to protect and moisturise the delicate skin of a newborn babe. 

Packed full of organic beeswax, it’s able to form a protective barrier over your baby’s skin, while sunflower oil, jojoba oil and shea butter combined with vitamin E deliver a good dose of moisture and anti-oxidants to irritated skin. 

A little touch of anti-bacterial tea tree oil deals with any bacteria and adds an extra-layer of protection right where your little one needs it. We think, it’s probably the best organic baby bum balm Australia has available, but don’t just take our word for it. 

Buy your Buds Organics natural baby bum balm online from Buds & Babes and test it out for yourself. 

Pucker up with our Pukka Pucker Lip Balm 

All that sucking can give babies very dry lips, so don’t they deserve their very own lip balm? 

Our Pukka Pucker lip balm has been specially formulated to soften your baby’s dry lips and to help build a protective barrier, plus as it’s fragrance-free, it won’t affect their taste buds. 

Healing and nourishing, it’s one of the best baby lip balms Australia has available, and you can order your organic baby lip balm online from Buds & Babes today. 

If your baby’s lips are uncomfortable they’ll find it more difficult to feed and sleep, and it may even lead to infections, so whip out our lip balm and ensure your baby can pucker up in comfort. 

Would you like to become a distributor for our range of organic baby products?

As we’re the only distributor of baby Pukka Pucker lip balm Australia has available, we’re on the lookout for committed distributors for our products. 

We want every mother and baby to have access to our premium organic products, whether they need a lip balm, a bum balm or anything from our natural baby skin care range. 

We know that we sell the best organic baby balm online Australia has on offer, but we’d like to make sure that our products can reach every baby that needs them, so why not get in touch with us now by emailing

We’d love to hear from anyone who believes that they have the commitment and the passion to promote our fantastic range of natural organic products for babies, mothers, pets and the home. 

Buds & Babes is the exclusive distributor of Buds Organics maternity, baby and pet care products in Australia. We specialise in Organic Baby Lotion, Organic Baby Shampoo and Organic Baby Cleanser. Order yours online today or feel free to contact us.

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