About us

Buds & Babes Asia Pacific Pty Ltd ("Buds & Babes") is the no. 1 online retailer of Buds Organics ("Buds") maternitybaby and pet care products in Australia. Still a newbie, Buds & Babes is a family-run online business with retail presence based in Alexandria, NSW (and sometimes our friends help too - thanks babes).  Our small yet green and cozy office cum warehouse is just at the opposite of the famous The Grounds of Alexandria and we are forever thankful for the folks there for feeding us organic AND wholesome food that's just legendarily delish.  Another reason to pay us a visit when you're in the area. Please note that we do encourage you to call us beforehand to ensure there'll be someone looking after you and that we have the product on stock. No time to drop by? Shop online and we offer free shipping Australia-wide for orders above AUD 50. 


Why Buds for your precious babe?

Unlike most organic brands in Australia, all Buds products are certified organics by ECOCERT of France.  Now look here, we can hear what some of your thinking out loud: why choose ECOCERT over other certification bodies? Well, it really comes down to a matter of personal choices.  

You see, just like you as a parent (or parent to-be), the folks who created Buds had thought long and hard when it comes to making sure that their babes (read: that's the Buds' products you see on this website, mind you) can withstand the hardest challenge in proving themselves worthy of your trust.  

Buds doesn't believe in modelled advertising, nor did we believe in fancy product packaging.  Our ingredients-label speaks for itself. We believe in honest and full disclosure of what you'll be spending your money on.  The Ecocert certification guarantees that what you read is what you get.

To hear more about our ECOCERT certification process, click here.


Buds is better for babes and earth
Buds only uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that your babe is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily.  We also hope to minimise the damage being done to the environment.  Opting for organic ingredients equates to less chemical in our soil, water and air.  It means more physical labour, which in turn may mean more jobs. It’s a win-win situation, we hope.


Buds is EU-tested for safety
At Buds we are dedicated to the safety of our products and that if your baby.  As such we send our products to the UK for comprehensive safety and preservative tests.  We only release our products once they have fulfilled and surpassed these stringent requirements.  If you were ever interested in obtaining these test results, send an email to one of our babe at the office using the form in footnote below.


Buds is earth-friendly
Our plastic is recyclable.  We do not box the products (unless it is for travel kits and fragile items prone to accidental squashing or breakage), hence minimising waste.  Leaflets are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper which is an earth friendly alternative to recycled paper.  And best of all, our products – that means every single cream, wash, lotion – is biodegradable.  If and when our products enter the waterways, they break down into basic elements like hydrogen and carbon that will not pollute the water or kill fish.  Instead, they eventually become used by plants as bio matter.


Buds' ethics
As animal lovers ourselves, it obviously follows that we are completely against all animal testing.  It has never occurred to us to test our products on animals and we only source ingredients from companies that share our philosophy. Instead, our products are tested on willing staff and friends.  If it passes muster, then our own babes and friends’ babes help by letting us know if the products are as good and gentle as we think. Only then do we see fit to indulge our pets with a Buds bath because we know that furry babes actually have way more sensitive skin than human babes!