Frequently-Asked Questions

Order and shipping enquiry

When can I expect to receive my order?

Where the order is to be delivered to an Australian address via Standard Shipping, Buds & Babes will use reasonable endeavours to deliver the order within ten working days (Monday – Friday,  excluding official public holidays) from the date the order was submitted by you.  


Is there a limit on the amount of items I can order?

There is no limit of any kind, but should you wish to order more than 12 of the same product, please send us an email beforehand as we might be able to offer you a special price.  
This is the case when you are ordering for a group buy such as for school fundraising, baby showers, birthday's goodie bags, or you simply just love to stock up on essentials. 


Can I exchange an item purchased online in Buds & Babes web store at one of stockist?

To exchange an item purchased online, please post the item to:
 Buds & Babes
Suite 1.22, 90-96 Bourke Road
Alexandria  NSW  2015  Australia
If sending by post, you are responsible for the applicable shipping and additional postage charges.
Alternatively, you can take your item with your original purchase receipt to our office above. 
Please note items that have been purchased from other online stores, or through our retail stockists, cannot be exchanged at our office.
All items must be returned unopened and in their original saleable condition to be eligible for exchange. Please refer to our Shipping and Returns policy for further information regarding returns and exchanges.

What should I do if my order has been damaged in transit?

If an item has been damaged in transit, Buds & Babes will provide you with a full refund or exchange. Please submit an email to so that we may acertain the details of your order.


Can my order be gift wrapped?

Buds & Babes is pleased to offer gift-wrapping for your online order for a small fee. Please add a gift wrapping service into your shopping cart prior to checking out and make payment to your order.  During the check-out process, you will be asked if you would like to include a gift message with your order.
You are also able to nominate a shipping address that differs from your billing address during the check-out process.


Can I use a gift voucher online?

Buds & Babes offers online vouchers to be purchased, which can only be used in Buds & Babes' online store. Vouchers will not be accepted with our stockists.  
The voucher can only be used in a single transaction and is already included a delivery fee within Australia.  You will be emailed with a unique code which you can forward to your friends or loved one.  Why not copy the code into a card where you can add your own beautiful message?

What are Buds & Babes' shipping rates?


For orders delivered to an Australian address:
  •  Free of charge where the order subtotal is AUD 50 or greater
  • AUD9 where the product subtotal is less than AUD 50.
Please note that we only deliver to an Australian address.


Online account enquiry

What will I receive if I subscribe to the Buds & Babes' newsletter?

Buds & Babes monthly newsletter shares information about family-friendly places, parents, food, design and more that inspires us.
If you sign up to receive the newsletter your details will be used to communicate with you directly and will not be passed on to any other party.
However, please note that by entering our customer database, you are also nominating to receive Buds & Babes event invitations and information about Buds & Babes - partnered initiatives.

Do I need an account with Buds & Babes to place an order?

You do not need to create an account to shop online; rather, you can purchase as a guest.

However, creating an account will allow you to move more swiftly through the purchasing process: you will be able to save your personal details, store delivery addresses, peruse past orders, and receive special Buds & Babes customer event invitations and new product information.
Creating an account is easy and it only takes a few minutes.

How can I enhance my security when I shop online?

Buds & Babes endeavours to ensure the safety of your personal information when visiting our online store, however, there are additional security measures we advise our customers to adopt in order to enhance online security.
These include:
  • Ensuring your internet browser is up-to-date with the latest version
  • Choosing unique passwords, keeping them private, and changing them frequently
  • Investing in a reputable anti-virus software program and ensuring all updates are installed
If you are ever concerned that you have been the victim of fraudulent activity, contact your bank immediately to ensure your credit cards are cancelled.

Buds practices

Does Buds test on animals?

Buds does not test on animals.
All new products are tested for safety during our product development process using cumulative irritancy testing on human volunteers.
Before our products are released to the public, formulations are also assessed for safety by a qualified external agency, either a chemist or toxicologist.
These agencies do not test on animals. To obtain a copy of test results, please contact us.

Why paying premium for certified organics cosmetics?

If you are reading this, we know you care about making informed choices on what you buy and how you live.  We do too.  
Unfortunately, many manufacturers are well aware of this and some have created products that they claim are ‘natural and/or organic’, yet still contain one or more harmful chemicals. We caution people to be wary of any company that labels itself organic without explaining exactly what they mean: companies can label their goods organic if they contain only a small percentage of organic ingredients.
That’s why ‘organic’ alone was not good enough for us.  We chose to be certified by ECOCERT because their requirements are extremely demanding and offer transparency and traceability from the farm to the finished product, and even cover what we say on our labels.

Why is Buds better for babes and earth?

Buds only uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that your babe is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily.  We also hope to minimise the damage being done to the environment.  
Opting for organic ingredients equates to less chemical in our soil, water and air.  It means more physical labour, which in turn may mean more jobs. It’s a win-win situation, we hope.


Is Buds lab-tested for safety?
At Buds we are dedicated to the safety of our products and that if your baby.  As such we send our products to the UK for comprehensive safety and preservative tests.  We only release our products once they have fulfilled and surpassed these stringent requirements.  
If you were ever interested in obtaining these test results, you are welcomed to send an email to one of our babe at the office at


Is Buds earth-friendly?

Our plastic is recyclable.  We do not box the products (unless it is for travel kits and fragile items prone to accidental squashing or breakage), hence minimising waste.  Leaflets are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper which is an earth friendly alternative to recycled paper.  And best of all, our products – that means every single cream, wash, lotion – is biodegradable.  

If and when our products enter the waterways, they break down into basic elements like hydrogen and carbon that will not pollute the water or kill fish.  Instead, they eventually become used by plants as bio matter.

What is the working ethics at Buds?

As animal lovers ourselves, it obviously follows that we are completely against all animal testing.  It has never occurred to us to test our products on animals and we only source ingredients from companies that share our philosophy. Instead, our products are tested on willing staff and friends.  If it passes muster, then our own babes and friends’ babes help by letting us know if the products are as good and gentle as we think. Only then do we see fit to indulge our pets with a Buds bath because we know that furry babes actually have way more sensitive skin than human babes!

Product & ingredients information

Do Buds products have an expiry date?

You will find that all Buds products have expiry date printed on the bottom of the packaging.  If it was a tube, you will find the expiry date printed on the very top corner of the product.  Otherwise it will be printed on the bottom of the bottle or jar.


What if I have an adverse reaction to a Buds product?

All cosmetic ingredients have the potential to irritate sensitive skin regardless of the amount present in an individual product or the method in which it is used.
Irritations can sometimes occur in the regular course of our daily lives, even where we have used and enjoyed a product successfully for many years. The trigger for a reaction can be an unexpected one and may not necessarily repeat itself in the same way. We ask that you consider any changes to your regular routine that may have triggered the reaction (dietary, contact with possible allergens such as household cleaning liquids etc.).
Where one experiences an adverse reaction to any cosmetic preparation, the best course of action is to discontinue use and if necessary, consult your medical practitioner to establish whether you have experienced an irritation or an allergy.
In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction to a Buds product, please discontinue use and return it to the place of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your reaction.
Please refer to our Shipping and Returns policy for further information regarding the conditions of return and exchange.


Where can I obtain a full list of product ingredients?

Every Buds product is labelled with a detailed ingredient list. If you have any specific queries pertaining to a particular product, please consult the product’s individual page (you can browse products by concern, category or range).  You can also refer to the glossary of key ingredients to find out more about selective active ingredients.

How can I obtain personalised product advice?

We have endeavoured to provide a wealth of information about each product on this site.  Each product is accompanied by best-usage guidance, recommendations of complementary products as well as specific information about which skin types each product is best suited to.
If you require consulation about any of our product, we advise you to give us a call for an over-the-phone consultation. Alternatively please send us a email at with your best contact number and one of our babe in the office will endeavour to give you a call during business hours.  Consultations will assist you to ascertaining which products are best suited to your skin.