r u a #movembabe?

To celebrate our official re-entry to downunder - as well as an excuse to get our babes to get into the Movember groove much much early (hey, someone has to start somewhere..), Buds & Babes has a $200 voucher to spend on our newly-born website.  That could mean a year supply of certified-organic goodness for your babe to enjoy. Enter our Instagram competition r u a #budsmovembabe for the chance to win it.

Upload your best photo of your movembabe to Instagram for the chance to win!

Its as easy as 1,2,3! Here’s how to enter!


1. Follow @budsbabes on Instagram
2. Upload your best & most creative photo of movembabe interpretation
3. Use the hashtag #budsmovembabe

1. One winner will be chosen by Head Office
2. The winner will be contacted through their Instagram page by 1 December 2016 at 10am AEST (because some of us need to do a couple of school drop-offs or in case of Sydney traffic jam). This competition runs throughout November 2016 until midnight 30 November 2016.
3. The prize is one $200 voucher to spend on www.BudsBabes.com.au. Don't forget we're not just 'naturals', we're full on certified organics that's sooo good to your babe.
4. Prize has a three month validity period from the date of issue.
5. No offensive or explicit imagery.