Retail Enquiry

Buds is relatively-new in Australia and previously only sold by a selective online store.  From August 2016, we are actively partnering with pharmacies in NSW, VIC and QLD.  Watch out for this space.

If you are interested in becoming our stockist, thank you for your interest in stocking or distributing Buds. 


Buds provides selected products from our range to a select number of hospitals, childcare centres and retail stockists.  Generally, the process of screening and engaging in dialogue with a prospective partner is lengthy.  We suggest that during your travels, you visit some of our stockists to gain an understanding of the parameters within which Buds works, and to ascertain the congruency of your business with Buds' principles and values.


We understand our requirements may seem excessive as part of an initial dialogue; however, it is not our intent to waste your time.  Buds is primarily concerned with progressing cautiously and effectively.  Please send us an email at with your business name, a little bit of description about your business, your existing product offering, characteristics of neighbourhood and surrounding of your business, and website address (if any).